We offer the latest and most interactive stilt performances which are perfect for any public event or corporate occasion. There are a range of stilt performances which depending on the vision you have for your event can include a comical duo or trio of vintage Stilt Police who are highly interactive and physically and verbally comical. This is a very playful act. We also offer a visual spectacle in our Long Stems who are highly ornamental stilt flowers which tie in to the natural wonders of our state, and are a throwback to  'Garden State' reputation.


Some of our most spectacular acts are the Dream Bear and Eesha Elephant trios. These are large scale puppets which are accompanied by a stilt character. Eesha Elephant is magically life like and could link to the Zoo's history with Asian elephants or she could have more of a circus theme. The Dream Bear is a fantasy large scale act which illuminates spectacularly at night and suits the festive nature. The stilt characters who accompany these acts assist in bringing the act to life and are the verbal interface for the act.

You also have the ability to experience the Water Drops which is a fantasy act and has strong associations with our water as a natural wonder or the popular Circus Ringmasters that energise and engage events with their verbal interactions.

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